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The Camperbox

The travel kit to sleep in your car or van


2 people

Capacity for 2 people


Enlarges or shortens
depending on your car size

1 minute assembly

Mount in less than a minute
with its easy-mount system


Easy to carry on with
its foldable system

lugagge space

Special space for your
bags, surboards, etc.


Made with the most
lightweight materials

How it works


Fast Model checker

Select your car model and check if you can enjoy The Camperbox*

*This chart is based on 2016 models. It only appears a small list of cars, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t fit in other ones. We are currently working to extend this list. Please, if your car is NOT on the list, size your car dimensions yourself. You'll need to take into account car boot width and length when backseats are folded down (min. 90 cm. X 90 cm).


About us

We were planning a surf trip back in 2015 when we decided not to go neither in a hotel (too expensive) or a camping (we wanted to travel freely), so we thought about sleeping inside our car. At first we had the idea of putting a mattress into the car-boot but then we realized that this was not possible because of a simple size reason. After months thinking about it, we started to design a kind of adaptable mattress which could fit in every car and at the same to be foldable and easy to carry on. The Camperbox was born!


Does it fit any car or van?

The Camperbox fits in nearly every car and van in the market. You can see a huge list of cars supported above.

What happens if my car is not in the list?

We can't evaluate every car brand and model that exists, therefore it's possible that your car do not appear on our list. To know wheter your car is suitable or not for The Camperbox you will need to size your car dimensions yourself. You'll need to take into account carboot width and lenght when backseats are folded down (min. 90 cm. X 90 cm.).

Returns, exchange or product damaged.

Not satisfied with your product or is it not working? We are very sorry to hear that, and will we will do everything to help make you happy again. Exchange for another product? That's possible within 14 days. Is your product damaged of defect? We are going to fix that for you. Please contact us on info@thecamperbox.com

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